Cannabis EdiblesTHC Fruits & Nuts Chocolate Bar (Five Point Edibles)



  • THC: 60mg
  • This item comes in 24 pieces (2.5mg per piece).

Ingredients: Belgian Dark Chocolate (Cocoa Liquor, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin (emulsifier), Vanilla, THC Oil, Peanut butter, Blueberries, Almonds, Raisins.

Instructions: FivePoint chocolates should be kept cool and dry, and they can be frozen indefinitely. Before eating more, we recommend consuming only one square at a time and becoming familiar with your tolerance prior to consuming more.


  • Before increasing your dosage, wait 30 to 60 minutes for the initial benefits to set in. Consume responsibly in a secure setting.
  • Make certain that no children, pets, pregnant or nursing women eat or have access to this product.
  • Do not take this product while on medications, and stop immediately if you experience adverse effects.

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    For almost ten years, Five Point Chocolates has specialized in hand-crafted Psilocybin mushroom chocolates, here in British Columbia. Your daily life will unquestionably improve as you devour these exquisite Psilocybin chocolate bars. This tasty delicacy has been demonstrated to enhance cognition, recollection, and comprehension as well as to promote relaxation, sadness, and migraine headaches. Additionally, it promotes a euphoric mood!

    This classy milk chocolate bar starts with perfectly toasted hazelnuts and almonds, sweet currants, and smooth, creamy Swiss milk chocolate. This bar gives a distinctive, indulgent, and all-encompassing chocolate experience thanks to its polished coating of expertly tempered chocolate.


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