VapesTHC 1:1 Disposable Vape Pens (Buddha)




  • Puffs: ~75-150
  • THC: ~42.5%
  • CTB: ~42.5%
  • Therapeutic Terpenes: ~10%

Instructions: Store is a dry location.

Warning: Children should never be allowed access to any vape pens or accessories, including chargers, mods, sub-ohm tanks, RDAs, and other atomizers.

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Buddha Concentrates are made from the finest all-natural components. Each flavour is expertly blended by Buddha’s master sommeliers, who also create flavours that are distinctive and well-liked by all vape users.

Allow your senses to savour the exquisite pleasures of their numerous unique island-fresh flavours, which are wholesome and expertly prepared.

All cartridges have genetic backgrounds that contribute a diverse variety of terpenes, creating distinctive and palatable flavour profiles. This product contains 0.5g of premium cannabis oil, free of propylene glycol and solvents, which might compromise the quality of your cannabis vaping experience.

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