Shroom & Magic MushroomEnhancing Your Summer Experience 

With the rate of Covid-19 infections beginning to decrease, authorities are looking to gradually ease the stay-at-home orders issued across Canada. Fortunately, the gradual re-opening of the country coincides with the Canadian summer. Residents, having been cooped up indoors for nearly two months, are desperate to relax, spend time outdoors and to enhance their experiences.

Here are a couple of ways to make your summer experience more enjoyable.

Camping and Hiking with Shrooms

Hiking and camping is all about absorbing as much of the great outdoors as possible. Using mushrooms can enhance the connection felt with nature. Shrooming during hiking or after having set camp can enable us to better enjoy the sights and sounds and feelings as we attempt to push the reset button on the craziness of the pandemic and life in general. 

In terms of dosage, a microdose of around 0.5 to 1 gram can be a pleasant complement to a hike. A higher dosage should be saved for use after having set camp and having completed the necessary chores as well having observed the necessary fire safety precautions. Additionally, it is important to keep hydrated while shrooming and preferably have a meal either before or after shrooming as you will not feel hungry while on them. Depending on how much food you have eaten, onset can take can take anywhere between half and hour to an hour and its effects typically last between four to six hours.

Experiences of shrooming outdoors, as shared by students and professionals online, are overwhelmingly positive. Recommendations of wacky additional things to pack, besides the standard camping equipment, include having your favorite music playlist handy, paints or color pencils and paper to express your creativity as well as fancy book stories such as Alice in Wonderland or Wizard of Oz that will further spark your imagination.

Moreover, things that the hikers have emphasized to watch after having shroomed include stargazing, watching the sunset, the blades of grass and tree leaves, flowing of water if close to a stream – all of these have been found to be exceptionally titillating for the “tripping”, happy campers.

Shroom Brew

Another way to de-stress over the summer can be by having a cup of psilocybin mushroom tea. The secret to a nice and relaxing experience is to have the right ratio of water to mushrooms. You can start with 1 gram per cup and gradually calibrate it to as high as 5 grams per cup depending on your preferred dose. To make the tea taste more pleasant you can look to add either honey or lemon juice to the boiling tea pot.

Accompanying the cup of tea with mild music and colourful visuals can help take this relaxing experience to the next level. While sipping the shroom brew, you can also have the added comfort of knowing that you are having mushrooms which are known to not only calm you down but also to improve your focus, intelligence as well as human connectedness.        

Shrooms Delivery

Shrooms Delivery


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